Interested in joining? Here is what you need to know.

Rushing & accepting your bid: 
After you first meet us and get to know the Brothers of the Chapter (what we call rushing), the Chapter will hold an election on whether to extend you a formal invitation to join; this invitation is called a bid. In order to be eligible for a bid you must sign up at the VCU IFC Recruitment Page.  Our recruitment chairman will then contact you.  If the Chapter votes in favor of extending you a bid, you will shortly thereafter be presented with a bid card requiring your signature. Once you accept and sign this bid card, you will then be invited to begin your journey to membership at our Formal Pledging Ceremony.

Formal Pledging Ceremony: 
All men who accept and sign their bids must first undergo the Formal Pledging Ceremony. During this ceremony, you will be sworn in as a Pledge Brother (often shortened to "Pledge") and take an oath to protect the Fraternity's ideals and secrets. The Formal Pledging Ceremony is your first exposure to the Ritual of Alpha Kappa Lambda, the most sacred element of our Fraternity. This is also the first time you will be assembled with all of your fellow Pledge Brothers, men on the same path as yourself; you and your fellow Pledge Brothers are collectively known as a Pledge Class.

After the ceremony, you will undergo a 6- 8 week period known as pledgeship. This is a time for you to integrate yourself into our brotherhood, as well as a period for us to evaluate your dedication and make certain you are sincere in becoming a contributing brother in the Chapter. As part of your pledgeship you will be partnered with a Big Brother, a current Brother held in high regard by the Chapter who will serve as your friend, mentor, and advocate. 

Pledge Education
The Pledge Education program (Kai)-- which instructs your Pledge Class in AKLs history, ideals, and expectations of brothers -- is the main component of your pledgeship. This program is overseen by the Pledge Educator, an Executive Officer who will serve as your teacher and representative to the Chapter. Pledge Education meetings, which include a range of activities, discussions, and evaluations, are typically held once per week. All Pledges must memorize and recite from memory our Fraternity's creed, "as a part of the Pledge Education program.

At the conclusion of the semester, all men who have successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Chapter's Pledge Education program will be initiated by undergoing our full Ritual. This experience marks a man's completion of the journey to full Brotherhood in the Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity. The Ritual is a powerful experience, and a man's Initiation will be one of the most memorable days of his life.

Men of Character